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Our Story

My name is Chris Nielsen and I live in Perth Australia with my beautiful wife Meg and our three gorgeous kids.

A few years ago Meg and I started making mobile apps to help us manage some of the chaos of raising 3 kids.

Some of the apps have been useful. I mean really useful. They’ve had a huge impact on our lives over a long period of time. They’ve helped us to navigate being a parent in 2021 and raise happy healthy kids without going crazy. They’ve even helped us keep our house peaceful, organised and calm. Well, most of the time…

So a little while ago, Meg and I realised that if we found these apps so useful, maybe other parents would too.

Our Products

Kid's Health Log

Released January 2022

Looking after sick kids is surprisingly complicated.

So we built an app that makes keeping track of your whole family’s health simple, easy and perfectly organised.

Screen Time Minutes

Coming February 2022

Raise your kids well, in a world full of screens

School Morning Routine

Coming March 2022

Get your kids ready for school, without the drama.

Best Baby

Coming April 2022

A beautifully designed app for new parents

The Team

Megan Nielsen
Co-founder, Director
Chris Nielsen
Co-founder, CTO

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